CNC punching machine / hydraulic / electric / for metal sheets
mtx plus flex 6 series EUROMAC


  • Control:


  • Drive type:

    hydraulic, electric

  • Product handled:

    for metal sheets

  • Associated function:

    bending, engraving, marking, tapping

  • Other characteristics:

    auto-index, high-speed

  • Pressing force:

    300, 220


As well as the common characteristics shared by all EUROMAC punching machines, the MTX FLEX features a 6 D station which includes 3 programmable index stations at 360° with increments of 0.01° (D size). It also has 6 additional B-sized tool positions which increase the capacity of the employing tools by up to 31.7 mm in diameter and have retractable dies for more forming capabilities.

The EUROMAC MTX turret enables the user to choose the required setup and change it at any time if needed. There are up to 60 tools and 18 indexable tools in one setup, and each station can be equipped with single thick turret tools and EUROMAC Multitools 4-6-10 stations style tooling. It has automatic clamp setting and a brush standard table. It provides a maximum of 1000 strokes/min in nibbling mode and 2000 strokes/min in marking mode.