Marine temperature calibrator
max. 650 °C | TM Eurotron Instruments UK ltd

The EiUK TM series consist of 3 models to cover a temperature range from -24 (@20 Deg °C) to 650°C.

Eurotron control technology ensure extremely fast setting time and offer an excellent absolute temperature stability and well to well uniformity. The ramp function allows for calibrating the temperature loops by monitoring the temperature in the control rooms while the calibrator automatically generate temperature.

These unit offer an electrical switch test input along with a fully programmable ramp, to perform testing of temperature switches so that no other auxiliary unit is needed.

T375-M and T650-M only weights 6 KGs, with dimension of only 130x280x260 mm but they still offer a large block capacity of 26x150 mm depth immersion. Multi-hole inserts are available to suit the variety of probe size, and the large test well (26 mm) ensure the testing of multiple sensors at the same time.

T125-M only weight 4.9 kg and feature a 2 wells with replaceable inserts. The high efficiency peltier elements and block design ensure very fast heating and cooling time.


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