planetary gear reducer / coaxial / precision / high-power
RR Series Ever Elettronica



  • Type:


  • Shaft orientation:


  • Performance:

    precision, high-power

  • Other characteristics:

    for stepper motors

  • Torque:

    Max.: 60 Nm (44.2537

    Min.: 3 Nm (2.2127


These planetary reduction units are provided with a flange to be mounted on standard NEMA stepper motors, and are available in many combinations and mechanical gear ratios. Characterized by high efficiency and high torque in compact size, offer a very compact design and low moments of inertia, thanks to a balanced distribution and optimized of load in the gear, in the teeth and in the shape. Suitable for high power applications where precision and reliability are required, these components can be installed in any position and resolve many of placements at low speeds.
Four different pairs of central and satellite gears, provide four reductions for every stage of the gearboxes. The modular design provides a total of 68 reductions from 1:3.7 to 1:2075.9 in four stages only. The reductions values are not integers. These components are permanently lubricated and in accordance with performance requirements, and require no maintenance. This allows them to be installed virtually anywhere.