two-phase stepper motor controller / open-loop / encoder input / digital
LW1 clock&dir Ever Elettronica



  • Motor type:

    two-phase stepper

  • Other characteristics:

    open-loop, encoder input, digital, speed control, 3-axis, single-axis, multi-axis, 24-48V, 2-axis

  • Input/output:

    2 digital outputs

  • Input voltage:

    Min.: 24 V

    Max.: 230 V

  • Current:

    Min.: 1.4 A

    Max.: 8.5 A


LW is a series of high performance micro-step drives based on the precise pwm control technology to regulate the sinusoidal current. Thanks to this solution the LW drives are able to control stepper motors with less noise, less overheating, a smooth motion and the highest performances at high speed in comparison with most drives available on the market. Designed for the control of 2 or 4 phase hybrid stepper motors, a wide range of stepper drives with a different power level are available to be used with motor series from 1.7” to 4.2”. The full digital LW drives which are realized with surface mounting technology, offer an exceptional reliability combined with mechanical compactness against a competitive cost. They can be used in many types of machines, such as X-Y-Z tables, labelling machines, laser cutting systems, pick & place devices, engraving tables, etc. They are suitable to be used in applications that require versatility, accuracy, speed and a low temperature.