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on-line UPS / for CATV applications / CE / IEC
CATV series EverExceed Industrial Co. Ltd



  • Technology:


  • Applications:

    for CATV applications

  • Other characteristics:


  • Output power kVA:

    Min.: 1 kVA (1.36 hp)

    Max.: 10 kVA (13.6 hp)


THE EVEREXCEED CATV series UPS are mainly used for Community Antenna Televisions network. They offer power stability in different broadband systems. Power outages are do not occur, due to line-interactive / true online cable TV UPS. They can operate under normal conditions, with a present input mains supply, directly suppressing power interference, protecting the entire device from power surges. In case of a power supply interruption, a battery is immediately activated, continuing the power supply without problems. These UPS are SO9001:2000 certified, and are conformant to strict military standards. All parts are dampproof and mildewproof due to special processing. Each unit is 100% factory tested with strict QC procedures and aging test. They are very easy to maintain, have an aluminum construction, and contain various indicators for inspection of UPS operational state. They feature a maximum power rating up to 1,500 VA.