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VRLA battery / lead-acid gel / deep cycle / CE
E8G100-12 EverExceed Industrial Co. Ltd


  • Type:

    VRLA, lead-acid gel

  • Other characteristics:

    deep cycle, CE, TUV, UL, VDE

  • Nominal voltage:

    Min.: 6 V

    Max.: 12 V


EverExceed’s Deep Cycle Gel battery (VRLA), with extremely powerful and reliable characteristics, perfectly fulfills the requirements for many different applications including telecommunications, Home Medical Equipment (HME) / mobility, industrial and utility applications where frequent deep cycles are required and minimum maintenance is desirable. Our development team combines the market’s demand with design optimization, precision component selection and start-of-the-art manufacturing process to produce the most cost effective battery solution for today’s applications.

Deep Cycle Gel Battery Features
- Maintenance-free (no topping up) during the whole service life
- Electrolyte will not stratify - no equalization charge required
- Increases durability and deep cycle ability for heavyduty applications
- Fully tank formed plates
- Gelled thixotropic electrolyte
- Spill-proof and leak-proof
- Very Low gassing due to internal gas recombination
- Multi-cell container
- Multiple position usage
- Reinforced ABS case and cover ¨C flame retardant material UL 94 V-0 on request
- FAA and IATA approved as non-hazardous

- Telecommunication
- Solar/ Photovoltaic
- Water Pumping
- Wind generation
- Residential
- RV/ Marine
- Lighting
- Golf cart
- Cathodic Protection
- Solar Energy



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