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VRLA battery / lead-acid gel / deep cycle / CE
ES100- 12G EverExceed Industrial Co. Ltd



  • Type:

    VRLA, lead-acid gel

  • Other characteristics:

    deep cycle, CE, IEC, UL

  • Nominal voltage:

    Max.: 12 V

    Min.: 6 V


Solar Gel Range VRLA- The most reliable battery for renewable energy

EverExceed’s Solar Gel Battery is designed to offer reliable, maintenance-free back-up power for renewable energy applications where frequent deep cycles are required and minimum maintenance is desirable. Our development team combines the market’s demand with design optimization, precision component selection and start-of-the-art manufacturing process to produce the most cost effective battery solution for today’s applications.

Solar Gelled Battery Features
- Maintenance-free (no topping up) during the whole service life
- Electrolyte will not stratify - no equalization charge required
- Increases durability and deep cycle ability for heavyduty applications
- Fully tank formed plates
- Gelled thixotropic electrolyte
- Spill-proof and leak-proof
- Very Low gassing due to internal gas recombination
- Multi-cell container
- Multiple position usage
- Reinforced ABS case and cover ¨C flame retardant material UL 94 V-0 on request
- FAA and IATA approved as non-hazardous

- Photovoltaic/Solar, Cathodic protection
- Navigation aids / Communications/ Water pumping
- Remote monitoring/ Refrigeration
- Lighting/ Residential/ Wind generationj

Certificates: ISO/CE/ UL/DEKRA/ TOBY

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