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battery charge controller / for solar installations / RoHS / ISO
ESCC series EverExceed Industrial Co. Ltd



  • Applications:


  • Domain:

    for solar installations

  • Certifications:

    RoHS, ISO, CE

  • Nominal voltage:

    24 V, 12 V

  • Capacity (Amp-hour):

    20 A, 10 A, 30 A


ESCC-12/24/48V 20/30A D(T)
ESCC-12/24/48V 40/50/60A D(T)
ESCC-12/24 5/10/12A
ESCC-12/24V 12ST3
ESCC-24/48V 80~160AD
ESCC-48V 200D 250D
ESCC-12/24V 015

The PWM is a solar charger regulator that features an advances PWM charge mode. It possess a functionality that is able to automatically compensate temperature.

This regulator is integrated with control parameters that is cable of charging, and discharging capabilities on an adjustable mode. It provides monitoring and controlling remotely, and has an operating mode of load that can be easily set. The PWM is incorporated with easy push button operation.

-Intelligent PWM charge mode
- Temperature compensation function
- Automatic temperature compensation
- Adjustable charge-discharge control parameters
- Settable operating mode of load
- Remote monitoring and control function(custom)
- Accumulated function of charge and discharge ampere hours
- Automatic identification system voltage level
- Simple button operation
- Image of LCD graphic symbol
- Overload, short circuit protection
- Battery low voltage disconnection(LVD)
- Battery reverse-discharge protection
- Battery reverse connection protection

Certificates: ISO/CE/IEC/ TOBY/DEKRA