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Ni-Cd battery / stationary / CE / IEC
SEBM series EverExceed Industrial Co. Ltd



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    stationary, CE, IEC, TUV, for UPS


SEBM Series nickel cadmium batteries are designed for general industrial applications where absolute reliability is a necessity. Service-proven pocket- plate technology ensures long uninterrupted battery life without the risk of sudden loss of power.


• Many nickel-cadmium batteries are used in stationary standby power applications where discharges occur infrequently and the battery is continuously charged by a float or constant potential charge.
• Under these circumstances there is a modification in the level of the discharge curve and allowances must be made for this when sizing the battery.
• In order to simplify this process, the data EverExceed supplies in this publication has both the fully charged data to IEC 60623 and the fully charged data after prolonged float charge, which can be used directly in battery sizing calculations.
• This phenomenon occurs with all nickel-cadmium batteries, but some other manufacturers of nickel- cadmium batteries may not take this effect into account in published data.
• When calculating for deep discharges (0.65 V and 0.85 V) it is not necessary to take this effect into account.