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LiFePO4 battery system / CE / IEC / TUV
EV4810-T EverExceed Industrial Co. Ltd



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    CE, IEC, TUV


EverExceed communication LFP lithium battery system is mainly used for the backup battery of telecommunication industry and
UPS; its performances are in compliance with the requirements in the telecommunication standard technical report of telecommunication backup lithium-ion battery package, with the adoption of iron phosphate lithium battery structure packing by flexible plastic film or aluminum alloy rigid packaging, it can satisfy the higher and new requirements of the telecom sector for the communication backup batteries.

Built-in automatic protection for over-charge, over-discharge and over-temperature conditions
Maintenance free
Internal cell balancing
Communication of monitored data via Battery
Preventive but not premature replacement at end of life
Management System (BMS)
Thousands of cycles, 100% DOD, under normal conditions
Flame retardant plastics

• Base transceiver station
• Wireline outside plants
• Central office
• Communication equipment
• Uninterruptible power supplies
• Telecommunication systems
• Electronic cash registers
• Microprocessor based office machine
• Other standby power supplies