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parallel DC/AC inverter / pure sine wave / high-speed / for home use
Vplus series EverExceed Industrial Co. Ltd



  • Technology:


  • Electrical characteristics:

    pure sine wave, high-speed

  • Applications:

    for home use, for industrial applications


EverExceed world leading precise real-time phase tracking technology ensure the Vplus series:
- high charging current & high efficiency up to 95% which can fully charge batteries in short time and reduce battery loss to ensure long backup time to save your overall cost
- supply uninterruptible power to critical applications like ATM, Medical equipment, laptop/PC/server, apartment/villa, school/gas station etc
- high reliability even under much complicated unstable city power situation
- reduce THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) to a very low level(≤1% linear load; ≤5% non-linear load) for a green energy guarantee
- energy saving as standby power, only take over the job when the grid off
- pure sine wave output
LCD displays accurately battery remaining capacity and remaining backup time with intelligent battery management system inbuilt;
User friendly one button in front to switch on/off and one button behind to revert to factory setting and view battery capacity;
Precise battery management system(BMS) & perfect protection function;
Vplus can monitor precisely the city power voltage, battery voltage, input current, output current, working temperature etc.
EverExceed Vplus battery capacity inspection is based on the battery charging / discharge data itself which means very very high precision and reflect the battery actual capacity which you can depend on;
Remote communication / control function : RS485, modbus RTU, SNMP optional;
Parallel function optional to meet extended load demand;
Customization service available.

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