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valve-regulated battery / lead-acid / tension
MP-V series EverExceed Industrial Co. Ltd



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    valve-regulated, lead-acid

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Gel Motive Power Block Batteries for hard industrial use ,MP-V range (VRLA Gel traction Block).
Everexceed battery is widely popular because EverExceed always hold a meticulous attitude for each battery and manufacture reliable quality batteries to meet versatile demand of customers. Complex design and long cycle life design of each battery, is to convey a reliable, long-term, continuous new clean energy.

- Maintenance-free(no topping up),motive power batteries in gel technology for high operating voltage;
- Robust,safe and reliable;
- Low self discharge;
- Product range 6V 8V and 12V block batteries 75 Ah up to295 Ah(C5);
- 85 Ah up to 295 Ah(C5),750 cycles according to IEC 254-1 with 75% DOD;

The MP-V range of blocks are suitable for hard industrial use.This includes applications for advanced guided vehicles,mobile elevating work plat-forms,cleaning machines,walk-behind pallet trucks,electric cars and buses.With EverExceed as your partner for system solutions we can also offer optimized chargers for these blocks;

Certificates: ISO / CE / IEC / UL/ TOBY / DEKRA

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