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AGM battery / VRLA / tension
EV series EverExceed Industrial Co. Ltd

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AGM battery / VRLA / tension AGM battery / VRLA / tension - EV series


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In order to extend battery replacement cycle life and reduce maintenance cost, EverExceed designed One of the best golf series battery for golf cart. Complex tubular positive plate technology is utilized to wrap up the active substance and to prevent the shedding of active material, therefore, the battery will not come to sudden failure or death. On this basis, we also used Topsure® technology, unique tube-type lead paste formula, the battery has a very high energy rate and delivers more travel time between recharging, enabling consumers to embark on longer excursions.

Common pasted positive plate flooded battery life will not exceed ten years, deep cycling capability is relatively poor. EverExceed EV series batteries are 15 years stationary batteries and were developed for GOLF, and maintain more than 80% of capacity, it is the best choice for golf battery.

Certificates: ISO / CE / IEC / UL/ TOBY / DEKRA

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