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lithium-ion battery
EverExceed Industrial Co. Ltd

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lithium-ion battery lithium-ion battery


  • Type:


  • Nominal voltage:

    12 V


EverExceed Li-ion battery systems for hybrid and electric vehicles Increasing energy efficiency and meeting environmental challenges
EverExceed Lithium-ion battery systems ensure optimal performance and reliability of each vehicle's operation. EverExceed Li-ion battery systems are a key enabler that makes electric vehicles a practical reality for even the most demanding applications, given their greater energy density, lower weight and longer life capability.
• Fast charging optimize use of vehicle during its work shift;
• Enhanced cycling performance improves TCO of vehicle;
• High rate charge and discharge capabilities for cells and modules enables more efficient regenerative braking;
• Built-in battery monitoring and information (State of charge - SOC, State of health - SOH…);
• Battery communicates relevant diagnostic information to the host application;
• Remote access to battery information capable;
Certificates: ISO / CE / IEC / UL/ TOBY / DEKRA