measurement software / control / inspection / industrial
EyeVision Thermo EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH



  • Function:

    measurement, control, inspection

  • Applications:

    industrial, R&D, for thermal imaging


With EyeVision Thermo the EyeVision software has a special command set for thermal image evaluation.

EyeVision Thermo is the base for numerous systems for measurement and control tasks for industrial automation, the R&D field, as well as services.

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Typical applications are:

temperature distribution at thermo-forming processes
inspection of photovoltaic systems
inspection of fibre composites
inspection of electrical components
control of precision resistors
inspection of sealed seam, seal and plastic or welding processes
troubleshooting in the range of high and low voltage
pipe line insulation
fireproof lining of furnaces
optimization of moulds
fill level detection of container