brush cleaning system / automated / for the printing industry
EXAIR Corporation



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    for the printing industry


These Long Super Ion Air Knives by EXAIR are RoHS compliant and prevent tearing, jamming, dust, and shocks up to 20 feet away. They are designed to neutralize static electricity while blowing away particles and dust from paper, 3D shapes, printed surfaces, etc. Since the laminar airstream is wide and full of static eliminating ions, the knives provide superior cleaning and are effective at high speeds. Problems such as poor print quality and equipment downtime can be eliminated. Only a small amount of compressed air is used by these knives at 5-psig. This allows for high volumes of surrounding air to be entrained. The surface is exposed to the ions at an increased amount by the laminar airstream, making it effective for processes requiring high speeds. The static control bar, which is electrically powered, fills the uniform air sheet with a high concentration of negative and positive ions.