visualization software / data logger / for gas detectors / online
ET-View / ET-Diag ExTox Gasmess-Systeme



  • Function:

    visualization, data logger

  • Applications:

    for gas detectors

  • Type:



Software package for Personal Computers consisting of
ET-View - Online-Visualisation for in maximum 16 control units; Data logging on PC-harddisc
ET-Diag - History diagrams of logged data

Individual text to identify each measuring point (channel)
Indications for operation, alarms, transmitter fault
Measuring values with physical unit and gas
Indications for ET-8D-status operation, maintenance, fault and data transmission
Cycle time for actualization configurable
Visualisation of all connected control units simultaneously
Data logging:
Capacity depends on hard disc only
Recorded data includes time stamp and all of the visualized data
Data loop through:
Data transmission to external periphery, e. g. PLC, possible
x-y-diagrams (up to two y-axis, scalable)
Basic time intervals: day or month
Zoom functions
Options: Copy, save and print of the displayed diagram
Control units:
Up to 16 control units ET-8D or ET-4D2