CCTV camera / full-color / CCD / for harsh environments
iCAM100 Extronics Ltd UK



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    for harsh environments


II 2 GD EEx de IIC T6
-20ºC to +40ºC
The iCAM100 is designed for use in Zone 1, 21 & Zone 2, 22 hazardous areas, where a method of surveillance is required and space is at a premium.

The camera is a perfect choice for use as part of a CCTV system, or just for single point monitoring of a process operation with a local hazardous area video monitor, such as the Extronics iVID100. The iCAM 100 uses a high specification colour CCD sensor that operates down to 0.5Lux and gives 380 lines out in PAL format.

The iCAM100's design means that it is suitable for use in Zone 1, 21 and Zone 2, 22 environments, also suitable for use in harsh environments with its IP65 ingress protection, 316L stainless steel and GRP construction.

Connection to the video monitor or CCTV system is quite simple using either 75 ohm coax or 150 ohm differential signal cable outputs.