hydro-erosive grinding machine
PROGRESS Extrude Hone®

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hydro-erosive grinding machine hydro-erosive grinding machine - PROGRESS



Flow tuning, grinding, and test capability excellence
EXTRUDE HONE™ PROGRESS is the next generation of flow tuning
and flow measurement, featuring a flow targeting accuracy to +/-1%.
Processing capability is aimed at orifices with diameters between100350 μm for parts up to 30mm in diameter and with flow rates up to 5 l/min. Additionally, EXTRUDE HONE™ PROGRESS delivers another exclusive added value that we call Flexibility Through Modularity.

Customers benefit from a self-contained modular construction for each process and configurable hardware to help ensure components meet ever-changing stringent government regulations, e.g. CAFÉ in North America, EURO6 and expected EURO7 in Europe, and PRC standards in Asia.

Fuel system manufacturers seeking the best fuel performance require flexible high-flow grinding and high-flow test capabilities to achieve finely tuned orifices in numerous design variations. EXTRUDE HONE™ PROGRESS is the most efficient solution.