hydro-erosive grinding machine



Heavy duty market high precision
fl ow targeting system
The HIGHFLOW system is designed to address the
ever growing needs of calibration of injection
nozzlesfor marine, truck and off-highway vehicles.
HIGHFLOW can accommodate variety of designs
with great flexibility in realizing the necessary flow
rate increase and / or fine tuning of the geometry.
HIGHFLOW is your partner of choice in meeting the
stringent emission regulation requirements.

+ Tremendous flow rate increase
HIGHFLOW can achieve above 30% and up to 60% fl ow rate increase

+ Broad range of flow-rates
HIGHFLOW addresses application requirements from 0,35 l/min - 40 l/min. set-up media mist atomization

+ Designed for fl exible set-up
HIGHFLOW has short set up & change over times to improve productivity while addressing
variety of components

+ Optimized for Microfl ow media
The system delivers smooth entrance and consistent bore resulting in a fi ne mist atomization
and optimum fuel burn in comparison to hydro grinding