metal polishing machine / for jewelery / automatic / surface
EXTRUDE HONE™ ECOFLOW series Extrude Hone®



  • Machined material:

    for metals

  • Applications:

    for jewelery

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, surface

  • Working width:



This machine is a versatile solution to abrasive flow and is machining at its best and within budget. The Ecoflow lineup of machines are exclusively designed for the small shop owner or die maker. It is an excellent alternative for processing carbide dies for superior and repeatable surface finish enhancement and even shortrun polishing and radiusing of edges and surfaces of important parts. The Ecoflow is the ultimate solution in the event there can be no instances if compromise in surface and edge enhancement conditioning.

The Ecoflow machine uniformly blends and smooths in features, controllably and automatically and to the same exact quality as its larger siblings in the Extrude Hone™ AFM lineup. The AFM technology is able to constantly complete interval curved and intricate surface locations that cannot be reached in any other way.