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steam industrial cooker / continuous
F. H. SCHULE Muehlenbau

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steam industrial cooker / continuous steam industrial cooker / continuous


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Within specific industrial processes it may be necessary that products have to be treated hydrothermally. By this, enzymes can be inactivated, starch can be modified or minerals are brought from outer layers of the product into the interior of the kernel. The cooking time and colour of the product can also be influenced. One way of realizing this process is a vertical cooker.

Here, the product is conveyed via a feeder in the closed cooker. The steam supplied here and the resulting steam pressure ensure the hydrothermal treatment of the product. A discharger ensures uniform continuous emptying of the cooker. The retention time in the cooker can be adjusted via the speed of the feeder and the discharger. The steam pressure and the resulting steam temperature also affect the process and the product.