gantry CNC milling machine / 5-axis / universal / rigid
FZ37 F. Zimmermann GmbH



  • Number of axes:


  • Spindle orientation:


  • Structure:


  • Other characteristics:


  • X travel:

    Max.: 40,000 mm

    Min.: 3,000 mm

  • Y travel:

    Max.: 6,000 mm

    Min.: 2,500 mm

  • Z travel:

    Max.: 3,000 mm

    Min.: 1,000 mm

  • Rotational speed:

    25,000 rpm (157,080 rad.min-1)

  • Power:

    Max.: 78 kW (106.05 hp)

    Min.: 45 kW (61.18 hp)


The FZ37 portal milling machine has a modular design which allows different operating ranges and the use of different makes of CNC controls. The gantry construction makes it possible to machine components of all kinds. The machine table is firmly anchored to the machine base providing a stable cutting surface for material. The milling process is highly precise, regardless of weight and size.

The structurally rigid portal, the cross- and Z-slides and the dynamic milling heads facilitate a consistent, efficient milling process. Thanks to their combination of high stability and rigidity the machines are able to meet all the requirements of model making, tool and mold construction, including the demands of the aerospace and automotive industries. The versatile 5-axis FZ37 is also suitable for machining of workpieces in shipbuilding and the alternative energy industry.