pneumatic cylinder / hydraulic / double-acting / long-stroke
Longstroke™ FABCO-AIR



  • Type:

    pneumatic, hydraulic

  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Stroke :

    12 in


Delivering simple mounting, space-saving capabilities, and an elegant aesthetic, Fabco-Air's Longstroke Cylinder follows in the Pancake® Cylinder series' footsteps. These cylinders are integrated with 12-inch typical strokes, and come in 4 bore sizes (2 to 4 inches in measurement). They feature a tie rod design, a Duralon® rod bearing for a prolonged lifespan, and a Magnalube-G® grease pre-lubrication system. They also showcase chrome-plated, stainless steel piston rods, an air operation to 250 psi, and hydraulic operation to 500 psi.

Optional details of the Longstroke Cylinder include readily available square and round heads, a magnetic piston detection system, and other options.

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