pneumatic cylinder / double-acting / double-piston
Pancake® II PSD series FABCO-AIR



  • Type:


  • Technology:

    double-acting, double-piston

  • Stroke :

    4 in


The Square Pancake II is an air cylinder engineered by Fabco-Air. It is equipped with twin piston rods which offers a non-rotation feature. The piston rods are made in stainless steel and are covered in chrome. The rods, moving in tandem and providing an ideal mounting surface, are fixed to the piston and tied together by a tool bar.

There are 4 bore sizes available within the range of 3/4" to 2". The unit can provide an air service of up to 200PSI. Moreover, it is recommended to have 15PSI as its minimum operating pressure.

The unit has a self-lubricated composite body clear and anodized aluminum alloy heads. It has seals that are internally lubricated with Buna-N.

Other options are available upon request.

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