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Hot-rolled steel sheet pickling line / chemical
Fagor Arrasate S.Coop.


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    for hot-rolled steel sheets, chemical


Pickling lines are used to remove any oxidation and scale from hot-rolled tape. The process is based on carrying the strip as a result of the hydrochloric acid solution bath to dissolve the top oxides. The actual pickling practice generally depends on the chemical arrangement on the material, the temperature of the bath, acid concentration and the duration of the tanks.

The actual FAGOR engineering office scientific tests every distinct circumstance and provides the best remedy. Fagor presents equally continuous methods (gained through welding or even stitching) and push-pull methods. In addition to the present installation with or without having an acid solution regeneration, we supply catenary manage in the bath, piping which can be stainless, aluminum or even polypropylene tanks, functions depending on deep bath, and turbulent flow.

Inside the state-of-the-art methods, every bath is furnished with similar nozzles, as well as the tanks are us0ually separated through pinch rolls. FAGOR gives a turnkey system that includes all auxiliary products for instance sauna boilers intended for heating acid.


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