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Fire detector / spark / with extinguishing system
BS7 Fagus-GreCon


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    with extinguishing system


In times of worldwide competition, modern production plants become more and more efficient. Besides new factories, a continuous improvement and increase in productivity are therefore demanded from already existing and often obsolete production lines.
Nevertheless, production safety must not suffer from this. Above all, it is necessary to nip the creation of fires and explosions in the bud

Unprotected facilities for comminution, drying, cooling and pressing are especially at risk with their pneumatic or mechanical conveying or extraction systems.
Furthermore, there is a high danger potential for unprotected filters, silos or bins in these factories.
Interruptions of the production process that are caused by fires and dust explosions lead to substantial follow up costs, quite apart from the direct damage to persons and property.

With GreCon spark detection and extinguishment systems, the risks of fire can be prevented by a special technique: detection, as quick as a flash, and automatic extinguishment of the ignition energy before fire can arise.


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