Electro-pneumatic current-pressure (I/P) and voltage-pressure (E/P) transducer
max. 14 bar, 170 m³/h | T7900 FAIRCHILD

High Flow Microprocessor E/P, I/P Pressure Transducers (T7900)

The Fairchild T7900 Series Electro-Pneumatic E/P, I/P Pressure Transducers have a closed-loop, integrated, microprocessor control system that regulates outlet pressure. The Model T7900 controls pressure in proportion to an analog electrical input signal. An internal feedback sensor monitors output pressure to achieve high accuracy. You can control the output from the Model T7900 using the keypad or from an analog control signal. You can control the output from the Model T7900D using the keypad and through DeviceNet™ Communication network. With its integral booster section, the T7900 delivers high accuracy at its high flow capacity of 100 SCFM (170 m3/HR)


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