robot controller with teach pendant
R-30iB Plus FANUC Europe Corporation



  • Characteristics and options:

    with teach pendant


FANUC will announce new robot controllers (R-30iB Plus/R-30iB Mate Plus) at the annual FANUC HQ Open House event on 12-13 April 2017.

The new robot controllers feature the new iPendant with enhanced screen resolution and processing capability. With a more flexible appearance, the user interface has had a major facelift. The new user interface, iHMI, can display guides for setup and programming, as well as tutorials from the main home page which has a design common to FANUC CNCs, enabling easier use of robots. By using the programming guide, even first-time robot users can create a program for a simple handling task and execute it in just 30 minutes. Easier usage also facilitates system setup and maintenance to improve efficiency