blind rivet / button head / cylindrical head / countersunk head
553 series FAR



  • Type:


  • Head:

    button head, cylindrical head, countersunk head, flat-head, large head, round head

  • Material:

    steel, aluminum

  • Other characteristics:

    break-mandrel, high-strength, large bearing area, corrosion-resistant, structural, wide-grip, high clamping force

  • Head diameter:

    6.5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm

  • Body diameter:

    1.8 mm, 2.1 mm, 2.9 mm


Thanks to its particular way of deforming, themultifar rivet can be fastened on various grip ranges and one rivet length only can be used to replace several standard rivets of different lengths. Moreover, it is able to compensate for ovalized and/or oversized holes.
This type of rivet can be used also with soft or fragile materials, such as plastic, aluminium and composite materials, without damaging them during the fastening.

BUSH: AlMg 2,5 (EN AW 5052)
NAIL: Steel
NAIL: White zinc plated with Cr III

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