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3D laser marking machine / for integration / high-speed / deep
Farley Laserlab



  • Technique:

    3D laser

  • Configuration:

    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, deep, for tubes


With the first-class marking technology, it can work on sculptured surface without defocus. Configured with specialized 3D vibrating mirror, the 3D dynamic laser marking can control the software and hardware, and the laser beam can mark on arbitrary 3D sculptured surface.

1. High precision of 3D positioning technology
2. With friendly operation interface,
3. it is suit for many file formats, such as dxf, plt, cnc, step, iges, etc;
3. High electro-optic conversion efficiency
4.long life
5. easy maintenance;
6. Fast marking speed
7. high processing efficiency.
8. high-speed focusing and scanning system, short pulse, high-peak power

Application: manufacture
2.cubic circuits
3. medical equipments
4. moulds
5.3C electronics parts
7. electronic communication.