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laser marking machine / high-speed / desktop / deep
LSD 10EI/15EI Farley Laserlab



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  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, desktop, deep


With the highest standard configuration and stable performance, this machine has superior infrared laser light source with 1064nm wavelength, high quality, high repetition rate and high single-pulse energy. A variety of laser source power is optional. No matter what industry and material, HGLASER provides the most suitable DPSS laser marking machine.

1.Improves work efficiency of operators
2.Fully enclosed laser cavity design, dustproof, frostproof
3.Long life
4.Minimize maintenance costs
5.Operated in 24 hours continuously and steadily in suitable temperature
6.Complete processing orders efficiently and economically for customers
7.Suitable for industrial production, strong anti-interference
1. Electronic components
2.Integrated circuits
4.Auto parts,
5.Plastic products,
6.Precision apparatuses and many other fields.