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forming oil / synthetic / high-viscosity / low-temperature
Turbo-Lube Farm-Oyl Lubricants (Mfg., Dist.)



  • Function:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-viscosity, low-temperature

  • Viscosity:

    Min.: 0.000011 m²/s

    Max.: 0.000067 m²/s


General Information

Turbo-Lube is designed to provide maximum protection in today’s higher performing gasoline engines. Turbo-Lube contains a balanced additive package and will provide enhanced fuel economy, excellent low temperature pumpability and control high temperature deposit formation and harmful combustion by-products. Turbo-Lube is also formulated to retain performance benefits throughout the OEM recommended oil change interval “All viscosities” of Turbo-Lube qualify for the API- GF-5 Certification Mark or “Starburst” symbol. In addition, Turbo-Lube is formulated with a synthetic blend of high quality, high viscosity index base oils.

Features and Benefits

Reserve Performance: Technology that pushes performance past the APISN/GF-5 requirements for maximum protection
Resource Conserving: Exceeds SN/ILSAC GF-5 with improved fuel economy, catalysts protection and emission system durability
Oxidation Control: Provides outstanding control of oxidation, volatility, thermal and viscosity breakdown. This reduces oil consumption, sludge, and varnish for a cleaner engine