fully-automatic form-fill-seal machine / for plastic sheets / for cup production / for food packaging



  • Type:

    for plastic sheets

  • Applications:

    for cup production, for food packaging

  • Operational mode:



Thermoforming machine TFM – fully automatic packaging machine designed to form cups/tubs, fill them with products as butter, processed cheese, yogurt, etc. and seal the filled cups/tubs with aluminum foil lids. TFM machine offers a wide dosing range and a big variety of packages sizes.

Main features
- Horizontal automatic thermoforming machine for forming of package, filling the packages with product and then sealing the filled packages with laminated aluminum foil lids;
- Product to pack: butter, margarine, spreads, processed cheese, cream cheese, jam, jelly, honey, sour cream, yogurt, mayonnaise, ketchup, tomato paste, juices, water and other food products;
- Packaging speed: 15 - 16 cycles/ min for Standard (20 - 21 cycles/ min for Servo Driven Machine (optional));
- Capacity: 1920 - 28800 packages/ h;
- Dosing range: 10 - 1000 g;
- Bottom foil: PS/ PS+PE suitable for thermoforming and heat sealing;
- Top foil: AL + PE Lacquered, suitable for heat sealing/ pealing;