butter filling and wrapping machine



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Butter packing machine – ARM designed for filling and wrapping butter, margarine, etc. into aluminum foil or parchment paper. Machine modifications covers a wide dosing range – 8 – 1000 g and a big variety of brick sizes.

Main features
- Filling and wrapping machine ARM for packing paste type products into consumer size portions;
- Products to pack: butter, margarine, spreads, edible fats, minced meat, curd, fresh cheese, other paste type products;
- Machine’s output: 20 - 80 packages/min;
- Sizes of package: 8 – 1000 g machine modifications cover a wide dosing range and a big variety of brick’s sizes;
- Possibility to have the different sizes portions using a single machine by simply adjusting the height of the brick;
- Shapes of package: rectangular shape bricks and semi round shape portions;
- Packaging materials: aluminium foil laminate, parchment paper;
- Folding type of package: bottom folding, length side folding;