cheese filling and wrapping machine



  • Applications:

    for cheese


Processed cheese filling and wrapping machine – ARU – automatic packaging machine for foiling of processed and cream cheese with aluminum foil with or without easy opening system and labeling.

Main features
- Filling and wrapping machine for processed cheese into consumer size portions;
- Product to pack: processed cheese, cream cheese;
- Machine’s output: up to 50 packages/ min;
- Sizes of package: 16,6 g; 20 g; 30 g; 50 g; 62,5 g; 100 g;
- Shapes of package: rectangular shape portions;
- Packaging materials: aluminium foil laminate; aluminium foil laminate with tear strip applicator - as an option;
- Tear strip material: OPP/OPP packaging tape to be heat-sealed with aluminium foil;
- The compact design, productivity, durability and easy technical maintenance are exclusive features of this machine;