liquid filling and sealing machine / for pasty products / cup / for tubes



  • Fill product:

    liquid, for pasty products

  • Container type:

    cup, for tubes


Cup or tub filling and sealing machine – ARI-P machine is designed for butter, margarine, yogurt, processed cheese to be filled into pre-made containers with aluminum foil and/or lids.

Main features
- Cup / tub filling and sealing machine for packing the paste-type products and liquid products;
- Product to pack: butter, margarine, spreads, processed cheese, yogurt, cream;
- Machine’s output: up to 40 portions/ min;
- Machine's type: rotary;
- Sizes of package: 200 - 1000 g;
- Packaging materials: pre-formed plastic cups, tubs, containers with heat seal-able aluminium foil lids, PP, PS lids;