digital speed regulator / for induction motors / single-phase
FE230 Fasar Elettronica S.r.l.



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    digital, for induction motors, single-phase


FE230, in the basic version and in its more evolved variants, is an advanced control system with microprocessor dedicated to the speed’s adjustment of a 4,5 A single-phase induction motor.

Engineered and designed to manage the more sophisticated systems for air quality treatment and control. FE230 is able to guarantee high performance with minimum consumption, thanks to the reduced absorption in stand-by and the ability to automatically adjust the speed of the suction motor in function of the environmental conditions.

It is characterized by a practice keyboard for the control of all the implemented functions, by a display and a led to indicate the status of operation.

We propose 5 versions of the digital regulator:

FE230: basic version (without sensors, without receiver for remote control, without serial communication port RS-485);
FE230/T: regulator provided with NTC probe to allow automatic motor’s control (change of speed as a function of the detected temperature);
FE230/R: regulator equipped with radio receiver for the management of FE1004 (optional 433,92 MHz 5-button remote control);
FE230/S: regulator provided with serial communication bidirectional port RS-485 to allow the use of the regulator itself within a local net work managed by the control unit FE1011;
FE230/C: regulator equipped with NTC probe, radio receiver for the management of FE1004 (optional 433,92 MHz 5-button remote control), serial communication bidirectional port RS-485.

Main technical features:

Power supply: 85-265Vac 50Hz
Management of gas solenoid valve
Power consumptions in stand-by (loads off): 0,35W
Protection fuse