Air quality sensor module
FE1017 Fasar Elettronica S.r.l.


The FE1017 module is a device that can integrate up to four distinct types of sensors, which allow you to assess indoor air quality by measuring temperature, humidity, ozone concentration and the main contaminants that typically are formed in combustion processes and in the processing and handling of materials.

The sensor module has a RS485 serial communication port in order to share the data acquired within a communication network, so that the network supervision system can implement the optimal control strategy to guarantee the maximum comfort with the lowest energy consumption.

It is also possible to use the device as a stand-alone module: equipped with three signaling led and a relay to control an external device, the module can activate an alarm system or an air treatment system when the monitored environmental conditions deteriorate over a user’s defined threshold value.
The software, to be installed on a PC, provided with module allows you to view the trends of sensors acquired signals, save the measuremnents and set a large number of parameters that define the operating mode in order to adjust the device functioning to the particular installation and to environmental characteristics.

Technical features:

Supply voltage: 85-265Vac-50/60Hz
Operating Temperature: -10 - +50°C
12 bit ADC Resolution
10A relay (resistive load)
Trimmers: Nr.1 for adjusting the relay activation threshold
Nr. 1 for adjusting the OFF relay delay
3 leds for signalings
Optional Wi-Fi Module
Optional Radio Module


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