Control system monitoring unit / air / air quality
FE1011 Fasar Elettronica S.r.l.


  • Other characteristics:

    control system

  • Applications:

    air, air quality


Destinated for indoor air quality smart control, FE1011 unit has been designed to simplify, optimize and monitoring all management’s operations of a local network consisting of FE1017 sensor modules and FE230/S and FE230/C digital speed controllers.

Using a RS485 serial communication port, it's possible to realize a home automation system that can supervise environmental conditions of different monitored areas and implement appropriate control strategies on the basis of the data collected.
The use of a domotic network for air treatment management systems, not only frees the user from manually continuing operations necessary to change controlled installations, but allows the user to get the best performance with minimal energy impact, being the installations operations regulated on the basis of the environmental data acquired by sensors.

FE1011 control unit is the ideal system to remotely manage a devices network, giving users the ability to monitor data from sensors and the operating status of the controlled installations, to set operating parameters that define the behavior of the speed controllers and directly control the loads connected to the regulators themselves.

It is also possible to manage the entire domotic network through a personal computer to create a system of supervision and control.

Technical features:
Supply voltage: 230Vac-50Hz
Touch capacitive keyboard interface
TFT monochrome display, available in four variants for background and characters
EEPROM Optional
16A relay (resistive load) - Optional
4 10A relays (resistive load)- Optional


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