induction motor speed regulator / single-phase / built-in / digital
FEGR020 Fasar Elettronica S.r.l.



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    for induction motors, single-phase, built-in, digital


Intended for the professional and industrial suction sector, built-in controllers made by Fasar Elettronica are versatile and efficient microprocessor systems, that allow to manage single-phase induction motors to ensure the regular air exchange in all closed environments where focus vapors, herbs, fumes and dust, ensuring comfort and safety in every situation. The proposed devices are able to satisfy the most different needs, thanks to the different user interface types available, to the possibility of managing optional inputs and outputs and the opportunity to combine with a polycarbonate panel.

Main technical feaures:

- 8 motor speed settable: the speed from 1 to 7 are partialized, the max speed is 8, not partialized.
- Motor ON key. At the press of the button, the motor switch on at the 4th speed. After 20 seconds, it activates the gas valve and the LED switches on.
- Motor OFF key. When the button is pressed, is immediately switch off the gas valve (LED switch off) and the motor begins to aspirate at full power for 20 sec. then stops.
- Lights ON/OFF key.
- Motor speed increase key.
- Motor speed decrease key.
- Flat cable (10 pin) L= 310mm power board and keyboard interface.

Supply: 220-240Vac - 50Hz
MAX power MOTOR load: 350 W
MAX power LIGHTS load: 500 W
Phase partialization system for the motor’s management
ON/OFF lights control through relay
Solenoid gas valve management
User interface: Keyboard with 5 keys
HW and SW EMC filtering
Possibility to customize firmware
Visual signals: 7 segments red display and yellow led
Polycarbonate panel: p/n FE1015 Optional
Optional I/O for sensors and/or external commands