Hood oven controller
FEGR018 Fasar Elettronica S.r.l.


FEGR018 is an electronic system for the hoods oven management and is able to control a single phase induction motor of 350 W, a solenoid valve and, thanks to the keyboard provided in the supply, also the suction system’s lights.

The device requires that the user, through the keyboard commands, turn on and off the suction motor: when the motor is turn on the maximum speed activation is automatic and, in particular, slaved to the temperature probe detections; when the motor is turn off, by using the keyboard, it is always possible to manually activate the suction maximum speed.

It is possible to combine the control system with a polycarbonate panel (p/n FE1015) ordered separately.

Main technical features:

Supply: 220-240Vac - 50Hz
MAX power MOTOR load: 350 W
MAX power LIGHTS load: 150 W
Microprocessor control system
Phase partialization system for the motor’s management
ON/OFF solenoid control through relay
No. 1 PT1000 temperature probe
User interface: Keyboard with 5 keys
Possibility to customize the firmware
Visual signals: 7 segmets red display and yellow led
Polycarbonate panel: optional - p/n FE1015


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