Hood oven controller
FEGR019 Fasar Elettronica S.r.l.


Efficient and extremely versatile, the FEGR019 electronic controller can manage a single phase induction motor of 350 W, a solenoid valve and the hood oven lights.

The proposed system automatically controls, as a function of the temperature values acquired by the two probes, the suction motor’s switching on and off, and the maximum speed’s activation and deactivation; furthermore - being equipped with a user interface supported by a keyboard, a seven-segment display and a LED - the device allows the operator to directly control the various loads connected to the controller, but above all allows to set the temperature values that regulate the hood’s automatic operation, thereby ensuring the maximum degree of customization.

The system can be combined with a polycarbonate panel (p/n FE1015) to optimize the installation’s aesthetic impact.

Main technical features:

Supply: 220-240Vac - 50Hz
MAX power MOTOR load: 350 W
MAX power LIGHTS load: 150 W
Microprocessor control system
Phase partialization system for the motor’s management
ON/OFF solenoid control through relay
No. 2 PT1000 temperature probes
User interface: Keyboard with 5 keys
Possibility to customize the firmware
Visual signals: 7 segmets red display and yellow led
Polycarbonate panel: Optional p/n FE1015


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