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RAL073_AA Fasar Elettronica S.r.l.

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digital controller digital controller - RAL073_AA


The RAL073_AA electronic controller is intended to the management of professional cabinets used for the drying and seasoning of alimentary products.
The system integrates in a single electronic board the actuators and the user interface, characterized by simple and intuitive commands and a view system, which makes use of LEDs and display, for easy reference.
The software provides the performance of the dripping, drying and seasoning phases: thanks to a rich menu that allows the main operating parameters setting, the user is able to customize each step and to adapt the controller operation on the bases of their specific needs.
Effective and efficient, the device integrates a self-diagnostic system that allows to detect and communicate to the user, thanks to appropriate alarm signals, probe’s failures and to the door opening system.

Technical features:

Power supply: 230 VAC +/-10%, 50/60 Hz.
Electronic control system with microprocessor and internal memory for recording operating parameters.
Up to 5 red seven-segments display to indicate temperature and humidity value.
Up to 5 leds.
Digital input for opening door switch.
Up to No. 3 analog inputs for sensors (2 used: NTC thermistor for temperature, humidity sensor).
Up to No. 6 digital relay outputs: compressor, resistance, condensate drain, fan, light and an optional relay not used.
Acoustic signals through piezoelectric buzzer.
Serial communication port RS485 or TTL for the management of a possible external peripheral device
No. 1 NTC temperature and no.1 humidity sensor are provided.