blast chilling control system
GR_ABB Fasar Elettronica S.r.l.

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blast chilling control system blast chilling control system - GR_ABB


  • Product applications:

    for blast chilling


The electronic control system GR_ABB consists of a power board that interfaces with a commands board consists of 6 capacitive back lighting keys and of three displays with seven segment.
Studied and realized to optimally manage the industrial blast chiller’s functions, the system offers maximum versatility, allowing the user to customize a wide range of parameters logging through keyboard commands, a setup menu protect with a password.
The firmware allows to control chilling and freezing cycles, to temperature and time, to operate the defrost (resistance, hot gas and ventilation) both in manual and automatic mode, perform appropriate tests to assess the correct insertion of the pin probe into the product. The possibility to manage printing terminals, through a serial communication port RS-485, enriches the control system potentials allowing a constant monitoring of the blast chiller ‘s activity.

Technical features:

Power supply: 230 Vac - 50/60 Hz (115 Vac on request) - 2.3 VA.
Electronic control system with microprocessor technology with on-chip flash.
Storing of operating parameters.
No.3 analog inputs for temperature type NTC sensors (one is also configurable as digital input).
Up to 6 digital relay outputs: compressor, fan-evaporator, door resistance, defrost and two optional relays not used.
Acoustic operating and alarm signals through piezoelectric buzzer.
Main board is supplied in plastic box and interfaces with the command board via flat cable (10-pin) protected with PVC sheath flexible.
No. 2 NTC temperature sensor are provided (evaporator probe, cell probe).