Three-phase motion control card / electronic / management function / for fridge
RAL125/2 Fasar Elettronica S.r.l.


  • Motor type:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    management function

  • Product applications:

    for fridge, for blast chilling


Fasar Elettronica offers an extremely versatile hardware platform particularly suitable for the control of refrigerators systems and industrial blast chillers.
The board provides, in fact, three analog inputs for the sensors management, relay outputs to control up to a maximum of eight loads, Real Time Clock with backup battery for the internal clock management.
Depending on the specific intended use, the system can be customized thanks to the addition of optional components such as, for example, a serial communication port RS-485 or an external EEPROM memory for saving parameters and work programs.
The RAL125/2 board can interfaces with different types of keyboards, mechanical and capacitive, and with display and more advanced control devices that use alphanumeric, graphics or touch-screen displays: the customer will not have trouble finding, within the Fasar Elettronica’s catalog, the best solution for his application.

Technical features

- Power supply: 85-265 Vac - 50/60 Hz.
- Electronic control system with microprocessor.
- Three possible inputs for the sensors use.
- Eight relay outputs for the loads activation.
- Serial communication port TTL / RS485.
- RTC with backup battery for clock management.
- EEPROM memory for saving parameters and / or work programs.
- Two inputs for door microswitch.
- Connection to a user interface board.


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