professional and industrial oven control system
Fasar Elettronica S.r.l.



  • Product applications:

    for professional and industrial ovens


The electronic control system for professional and industrial ovens consists of two main modules: the base board, including also a suitable module for the thermocouples management, and the user interface board, characterized by a rich keyboard, LED, LED bars, display and buzzer for acoustic signals.
The system’s heart resides in the base board, which is housed a last generation microprocessor that allows to monitors the J type thermocouples for temperature control in the cooking chamber and in the steam, to activate the relay output for load management, to exploit the Real Time Clock for the definition of an high precision time base.
Intended for use in the food industry (pizzerias, bakeries, pastry shops ovens) and in industry (pottery ovens), the proposed system is extremely flexible and can be customized, both in hardware and firmware level, as a function of the specifications required by the particular intended use.

The electronic control system for professional and industrial ovens is currently available in two distinct versions:
p/n. FEGR043: Electronic control system for pizzerias ovens;
p/n. FEGR044: Electronic control system for pastry shop ovens.

Technical features

Power supply: 85-265 Vac - 50/60 Hz.
Electronic control system with microprocessor.
FLASH memory for saving the working parameters.
RTC with backup battery for clock management .
Up to no. 3 inputs for the management of J type thermocouples.
Up to no. 8 relay outputs.
Connection with the user interface board.
No. 2 inputs (optional) for micro management port.
Serial communication port RS485 (optional).
EEPROM memory for saving parameters and / or programs of work (optional).