control system for electrical applications / with capacitive keyboard
FEGR030 Fasar Elettronica S.r.l.



  • Product applications:

    for electrical applications

  • Other characteristics:

    with capacitive keyboard


FEGR030 is a sophisticated control system for domestic hoods that associates, to the power board, an user interface with capacitive commands, consists of 6 backlit keys and a 7-segment display, for the management of the suction motor and hood’s lights.

To facilitate the entire kit integration inside the suction hood, power board and user interface are both assembled inside a suitable plastic container.

With a few simple steps, the FEGR030 electronic system allows to control the suction motor and the lighting system, the access to the deferred turn off function of the hoods and the alarm reset that reports filter saturation.

FEGR030 provide to the kitchen technology and elegance, maintaining the highest levels the suction hood’s usability.

Main technical features:

Supply: Single-phase 220-240Vac -50Hz
MAX MOTOR load: 400W
MAX LIGHTS load: 400W
Motor type: Common wire 4 speeds
Motor control through relay: 7A max (resistive load)
Lights control through relay: 7A max (resistive load)
User interface and visual signals : Keyboard with 6 capacitive backlit keys and 7 segments display
Microcontroller electronic control system
Plastic box for power board : Provided
Plastic box for keyboard: Provided
Flat cable 10 pole with sheath: Provided