Downdraft hood control system / with capacitive keyboard
FE1006 Fasar Elettronica S.r.l.


  • Applications:

    for downdraft hoods

  • Other characteristics:

    with capacitive keyboard


Completely hidden within the cooking table when it is not in operation, the Downdraft hood is provided with a mechanism which allows the handling, and therefore the opening, at the time when is required the use: in the same way the hood back to hide from view when it played its function.

The FE1006 electronic control system was conceived and developed by Fasar Elettronica to allow the management of domestic hoods that integrate this peculiar functionality: the base board, then, in addition to managing the suction motor and the hood’s lighting system, also controls a gearmotor for the handling of the suction system.
Through a capacitive keyboard, with 5 commands touch, 6 signal leds and a seven-segment display, the user can control lights and motor, including the hood’s handling.

Technology with strong aesthetic impact: FE1006 helps to give elegance to the suction hood, exalting its efficiency and functionality.

Main technical features:

Supply: Single-phase 220-240Vac -50/60Hz
MAX MOTOR load: 400W
Motor type: Common wire 4 speeds
Lights control through LED: 13W 12V constant voltage MAX 1,08A
Gearmotor control for handling: 24V gearmotor, threshold overload protection 4A
Microswitch management of end stroke: No.3: high, low and for security
User interface and visual signals : Keyboard with 5 capacitive backlit keys and 7 segments display
Microcontroller electronic control system
Radio control with 4 keys management (not provided)


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