single-phase speed regulator / for induction motors
FE1023 Fasar Elettronica S.r.l.



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    single-phase, for induction motors


The FE1023 digital controller is a microprocessor system used for controlling single-phase induction motors up to 10 A with the technique of partialization phase.

The controller, in addition to being equipped with a main switch,guarantees high performance and low power consumption in stand-by.

Thanks to the keyboard in the front panel, the user can control the gas valve, the lighting system, the motor’s on/off switching and its operating speed.

The seven-segment display indicates the numerical values between 1 and 8 representing the setted motor’speed. The led indicates the status of the gas solenoid valve.
With loads off, it is possible to realize the motor speed calibration procedure, by which the user can choose the minimum, maximum and peak speed value.

Technical characteristics

• Supply voltage 85/265V-50Hz.
• Maximum load MOTOR 10 A.
• Maximum load LIGHTS 2 A.
• Management of gas solenoid valve.
• Electronic control system with microprocessor.
• Bipolar main switch.
• 5 keys keyboard for setting and control functions.
• Reduced absorption in (loads off).
• MIN and MAX speed calibration procedure.
• Protection fuse.
• IP50 protection.
• Size: 195x180x77 mm.
• Weight: 0.90 kg.